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The Happy School

Travel Photography

Chad and I traveled to Cambodia in March. Actually what took us there was that I was photographing a wedding in Thailand, which I will definitely be blogging soon. So we took the opportunity to continue on to Cambodia for some adventure. One of the coolest things we did on our travels, was visit The Happy School in Phnom Penh, which is supported by the wonderful people at ACE – Australians for Cambodian Education. They were such a cool bunch of kids and the school is aptly named “Happy”. Our only regret is we didn’t have more time to spend with them.

Cambodian children face great obstacles in gaining an education. Happy School is a community run school that provides education to children who otherwise wouldn’t have access due to poverty.

This series of photos focuses on the students in their daily school life. This is the time  of day where they can learn and play and carry out their rightful role of being a child.

Classroom cheekiness. Look at that beaming smile on his face.

bare foot students in the classroom.

A Cambodian school book on the shelf.

shoes outside the classroom.

Posing for the camera.

Playtime at the Happy School

Volleyball time. The kids were very athletic.

reflections of three boys playing ball.

The teachers join in on the the soccer game.

The girls sit on the swings as spectators to the games.

The boys racing up and down the slippery slide at Happy School.

The girls in the playground skipping on by.

In this chasing game holding hands to form a gate so the person in the middle and the person on the outside have obstacles in the way.

Dressed in a spiderman mask and shorts, the boy runs on by the classroom.

The ball sometimes goes over the wall. All scramble up the wall and watch as one kid goes over the other side in search.

How high the kids can jump in Phnom Penh. They play with such enthusiasm.

Football in full blown action. The volunteer teacher gives it his all.

Close up of the child's feet mid play, dribbling the soccer ball.

The Happy School pink and blue uniform looks vey smart on the girls.

The school emblem up close.

This is what I'm talking about, look at the children's smiling faces. Happy School is aptly named.

Cheeky boys running on up and down the classroom desks.

Portrait of one of the school children.

Portrait of two school girls.

The soccer ball fly's into the lake. So the hunt begins. Lucky it's not the wet season.

The boy climbs back up the vines with a lotus clenched in teeth.

The ball has been found, now to throw it over the fence, so his hands are free to scale the wall.

Old tyres make great toys for the kids. Pushing it out in the playground of the Happy School..

There are a few bikes the kids can ride at school. This boy shows off a wheelie.

This kid sure knows how to sing.

The desks are moved out into the playground. They're having a special lunch donated by KFC in celebration of the Khmer New Year.

Out the front of the Happy School, Phnom Penh, Cambodia, 2013.

Mardi Brown : 10:51 July 31, 2013 Reply
Sam - We cannot thank you enough for this beautiful gift, you are a truly talented lady... Although, knowing the wonderful children at the Happy School, I am sure they farewelled you with many emotionally charged gifts that will just keep giving for a long time... I often feel so grateful to be a part of ACE and to be working with the Happy School students and teachers. We always feel so chuffed when others are touched by their own unique experiences there too. Its a constant reminder how special these kids are. Your work is amazing - thank you again...BIG LOVE Mardi Brown xx Co-President, Australians for Cambodian Education.
    papertree : 04:59 August 2, 2013 Reply
    Thanks for your kind words Mardi! You guys are doing such a terrific job. The Happy School, wouldn't be, without the hard work and dedication that you and all the ACE crew provide. You're inspiring! Keep up the great work! X

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