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Sal, Jake & Koby’s Family Portrait

Wedding Photography

It’s so nice when people you know come to you to have their family photographed. You see, Jake’s sister is one of my bestie’s.

I had only met Koby a couple of times over the years but after the portrait session we were pals. He’s a real cutie, with a great imagination. We had lots of fun searching for dogs and horses in Centennial Park. The best portraits are the ones where everyone is relaxed and enjoys spending time together. Playing and just hanging out. The photos end up being candid and playful and reflect the time you spent together. ♥Love♥

A candid photo of Koby running through the grass.
 A beautiful front on portrait.
Koby walking on by but very aware of the camera.
A close up of Koby's face for mum and dad to cherish.
The whole family walking together through the trees in Centennial Park.
The tiny hand of a two year old is the focus of this shot.
There's nothing quite like tickle time to get everyone laughing for a photo.

Koby had a look of surprise on his face. I managed to capture that moment.
A classic child portrait of Koby running towards the camera. Koby stops to catch his breath, but I keep photographing all the candid moments. contemplation is a natural part of photography for both the subject and the photographer. Outdoor family portrait with Jake, Sal and Koby in Sydney. Dad and son embrace creating a special moment.
Mum and son have a tickle making a beautiful photograph.
A natural, relaxed portrait of Koby. Koby walks through a ray of dappled light in the family portrait. Nothing cuter than a photograph of a toddler with some baby fat showing. Centennial Park make the perfect backdrop for the portrait session. Rosy cheeked deliciousness. A frame for mum and dads wall. Kids have a thousand and one expressions that make beautiful photos. Jake gives Koby a piggy back ride, making another beautiful photo opportunity. Koby is all dressed up for Paper Tree photography in his cute checkered shirt. Hanging out, relaxing and playing makes the best portraits. A close up of those amazing, lushous eyelashers. A beautiful family portrait of Jake, Sal and Koby in Centennial Park.

Cassandra : 16:16 February 8, 2013 Reply
These pictures are amazing. So natural and beautiful. The B&W pics are just as colourful (emotively) as the colour ones. Stunning!

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