Lawsuit: McKell Park under attack for hosting wedding ceremonies.

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One of Paper Tree’s wedding photos was in the SMH yesterday accompanying an article on weather McKell Park in Darling Point should permit wedding ceremonies. A few high flying residents are taking legal action against Woollahra Council, because they feel their peace is being disturbed. The problem is, if they win the lawsuit and McKell park looses their rights to hold weddings it could effect every park in NSW’s rights too. This would greatly reduce the number of locations that secular couples have to conduct their ceremonies.

Personally the weddings that I’ve photographed at McKell Park have been, very intimate and peaceful. The ceremony is the only part of the wedding that is held at the park. The festivities are then carried out at another location. The general public are free to use the park and do so around the wedding. Everyone seems to be having a good time in the park, the wedding party and guests and the general public. I don’t see the disturbance. It’s hardly a rave!

Lawsuit: McKell Park under attack for hosting wedding ceremonies.



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